Discount Printing Strategies – How You Can Obtain And Enjoy Discounts

Discount printing is one of the most sought after printing services there are. If not, it is certainly a valuable and generous offer you should sink your teeth into.

Many clients seek the services and assistance of printing companies. These can be individuals in private practice, professionals, entrepreneurs and even corporations. Most of the time, all of them require printing services from quotes to mailing service for their printing project. Most of which too would like to give discount printing a try without any hesitation.

Discount printing is apparent in more ways than one. This can be visible even in printing quotes as printing companies’ differ greatly in terms of printing quality, materials and cost.

Just what are printing quotes?

Printing quotes are estimated costs that allow you to gauge just how much you would be spending for your project. All you need to do is go online and you’ll easily check the price ranges.

This gives you a tangible sum to work out whether the price, even the project, is feasible and worth while. After all, printing projects comes as an expense and as an investment too. Therefore, it is only realistic to measure just how much you are willing to put in it.

How do you reap the benefits of discount printing?

Discount printing, as mentioned earlier, makes itself apparent in many aspects.

1. When you print in bulk, you stand to save more as the print production costs are reduced. Through this, you can effectively gain and order more prints without paying for the base price twice or thrice.

The more you print, the more discount you get. This is more apparent when you see that the unit price or the price for each print lowers as you increase your print orders.

2. Discount printing is literally discount printing as there are printing companies who offer discounts for the final printing cost for first time customers.

3. Then there is discount printing which you can avail with the promotional offers highlighted by companies on certain products, which may be seasonal or extend for only a period of time.

Strategies for Discount Printing

There still are more ways on how you can save in your printing costs aside from taking the opportunity to avail discounted items.

Discount printing is printing at the best value for the best printing quality and service there is. By observing certain strategies, you’ll know that you’ll have the discount printing work out just fine for you and your printing projects.

1. Be ahead of time. Printing companies offer a variety of turnaround time, depending upon the product. Standard turnaround times are not applicable to custom printing projects so remind yourself of this detail.

Nevertheless, it’ll save you more money to choose a longer turnaround time. Plus, being ahead of your schedule allows you to have benefit of changing certain details if and when the need arises and still have your job done in due time.

2. Choose a printer with high-quality stocks. Any client would want premium quality paper or card stock. So why pay for a high-quality stock when the right printing companies offer a 100lb. Text, 100lb. Cover and 14pt. Card stock over the common 80lb and 12pt. stocks?

3. Full color printing allows you to maximize your prints and make them as colorful as you want. Do not limit yourself to 1 or 2 color printing when you can have four-color process printing for almost the same value.

4. Use discount coupons and always keep them intact. If you’ve printed with a printing company before, chances are, you’ll work your way up to getting discount coupons.

5. Free Proofing. There are companies who offer free file review without committing to an order. Be sure to inquire about this so you don’t have to worry about additional costs to your printing projects.

Discover more ways on how you can truly obtain and enjoy discount printing. Ask a professional printing company and survey what you stand to gain when you decide who will be your printing partner.


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