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The following information defines the terms and conditions of use of this website. Please read them carefully before browsing the site.


By consulting this site you accept the terms of use described below. SMODPRINT reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without prior notice.

The data on this site are provided for information purposes only, without any implicit or explicit guarantee.

All the elements appearing on this site (text, graphics or multimedia) are the property of SMODPRINT.COM and their respective authors. The fact of being able to consult and save the data of this site on another support does not in any case give the right to erase, to remove or to modify the mentions of copyright appearing on the resources of this site, or to modify the resources Of the site.

The data on this site are provided for information purposes only, without any implicit or explicit guarantee.

The Customer’s personal data (name, surname, company name, e-mail and geographic address, telephone and bank information and password) are collected by SMODPRINT.COM for the proper management of orders, Deliveries and invoices and in compliance with the provisions of the Section 37 of the Nigerian Constitution(1999).

All websites use cookies, as is the case with SMODPRINT.COM.

If you do not want cookies (small files created when visiting a website), you must disable this option in your browser preferences.

The Customer has at all times the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal information collected. To exercise this right, the Customer may send an e-mail or write to us at the following address:

The Client agrees to respond personally to the protection of his password and his access control to the account he holds;He agrees to be personally liable for all past orders or other actions made through his account.

SMODPRINT.COM undertakes not to communicate or resell its information to a third party without the Client’s consent.



The Customer is solely responsible for the content of the files it transfers to the site. It therefore declares that it possesses all the intellectual property rights and / or the necessary authorizations to insert in the documents it commands the writings, pictures, photos, logos, drawings, marks and models which Are included. It guarantees the Seller that the order, use and / or reproduction on any medium whatsoever of the printed documents are not and will not constitute any violation of the rights of a third party.

The Client also declares that the printed documents he produces are not likely to constitute forgeries and / or counterfeits that may directly and / or indirectly infringe the rights of third parties. Consequently, the Client guarantees the SMODPRINT.COM of any action and any claim on account of the rights defined above and undertakes to indemnify him against all the consequences resulting from any action brought by third parties who consider themselves prejudiced by the above- Printing, broadcasting, reproduction and, in general, through the use of printed materials.



All the technical and / or figurative data contained on the www.smodprint.com website, including texts, drawings, brands, graphics, buttons, logos, and presentation including ergonomics and clean navigation The Customer’s order processing software and the processing and printing of the documents delivered to the Customer are the exclusive property of the Seller.

Some images on this site are from Pixabay, Thinkstock and Freepik – All rights reserved.

The contents are protected by French, European and international laws. Any use, even partial, of one or more elements of the site www.smodprint.com , and in particular the installation of a SMODPRINT.COM link on another site must first be subject to the formal authorization of the Seller.

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